At WeSolv, it’s always an exciting day when we expand our team with individuals who bring unique strengths and align with our core mission.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce Kelly Navickas, who has joined us as our new Operations Director. Kelly’s operational prowess speaks for itself, but what truly stands out is the depth of her
experiences and the insights she carries with her.

A Glimpse into Kelly’s World: 🌍

Morning Rituals: Every morning, Kelly enjoys a special tea ritual with her partner. They cherish the sights of nature from their backyard. In Kelly’s words, “I became a morning person when I had something special to start
my day with.”

Desk Must-Have:Time management is essential for Kelly. She uses a hexagonal Pomodoro clock that is as efficient as it’s unique. “Each side represents a different time period, and a simple turn resets the timer,” she shares.

Tunes and Notes: Here’s a surprise — Kelly was close to choosing a performing arts college over Wellesley! Her musical journey spans instruments like the clarinet and tin whistle. Currently, she’s mastering the ocarina.

Dream Workmate: If Kelly could choose a fictional character as her desk neighbor, it’d be Kvothe from the Kingkiller Chronicle. They’d spend their breaks discussing music and the intricacies of Sympathy magic.

Reading Corner:Kelly recommends the book “Killing with Kindness”. It delves into the intricacies of aid and challenges readers to rethink the motivations behind altruism.

Kelly’s dedication and drive for growth seamlessly integrate with WeSolv’s ethos. As we chart out our future strategies, we’re confident and excited about the direction Kelly will steer our operations.

Welcome aboard, Kelly! We’re eager to embark on this journey together. 🚀

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