How can you learn more about a company’s position on D&I before joining? Are there right, or more importantly, wrong questions to ask about diversity equity and inclusion in an interview?

Of course there are, and understanding where a company is right now in their DEI journey (not where they want to be in a year or so) is an important part of the interview process that shouldn’t be skipped. While preparing for a job
interview, consider compiling a list of thoughtful questions to ask about diversity, equity, and inclusion to gain insight into the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace prior to the interview.

Start by searching their website for a diversity statement, DEI data, or other public facing documentation of their commitment to inclusion. 154 of the Fortune 500 companies have
released full reports of their diversity date. These resources are great for further tailoring your questions to that specific company.

If you can’t craft a few targeted questions of your own, start by using these. We’ve compiled some of the best questions from the mouths of the industry-leading HR and recruiting experts to help you determine which companies aren’t just
talking the talk, but walking the walk. Here are the top 5 questions they recommend asking to help you land your dream job:

How do you measure and report on diversity and inclusion within the organization?

Why it’s important: It forces the company to provide tangible evidence of their commitment. Data-driven responses can highlight patterns and progress. Ask this question during the first or second interview.

Can you provide examples of D&I initiatives that had a measurable impact on the company?

Why it’s good to ask: This pushes companies to show real-world examples of their commitment in action, not just in policy. Ask this question during the first or second interview.

How is diversity incorporated into leadership development and succession planning?

Why it matters: It sheds light on whether the company values diversity at all levels and if they’re planning for an inclusive future. In a Q&A session or a panel discussion, you should ask how the organization
incorporates diversity into its leadership and succession planning to gauge its long-term commitment to inclusivity.

How does the company respond to incidents of discrimination or bias, and can you provide an instance where corrective actions were taken?

Why you should know: A company’s reaction to these incidents can be a significant indicator of their true stance on D&I. Best to ask this when you have the chance to speak with potential future colleagues.

What resources and platforms does the company offer for employees to discuss and learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Why it’s crucial: It shows that the company is proactive in educating its workforce and fostering a culture of continuous learning. This is also best to ask a potential future colleague as it gives you an on-the-ground
perspective of the company’s culture.

As you navigate your job search, remember that prioritizing diversity and inclusion is not just about fostering a positive and healthy work environment. A company truly committed to DEI is one that recognizes the value of unique
experiences and perspectives that a diverse workforce brings, driving innovation, creativity, and growth from within.

Carry with you the knowledge that championing diversity isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.

Take this information with you as you search for a job that not only meets your career goals but aligns with your values and promotes a culture of inclusivity and respect.

What questions have you asked, or plan to ask, to uncover a company’s commitment to equality and inclusion?

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