Why WeSolv

How does WeSolv help companies hire more diverse and better qualified talent?

WeSolv bridges the gap between companies and a diverse pool of candidates through our extensive partnerships and platform outreach. Our Challenges also allow participants to showcase their skills in real-world scenarios, ensuring companies can evaluate and connect with talent based on merit and capability, rather than just traditional credentials. This approach leads to hiring not only diverse talent, but talent that is highly qualified.

How does WeSolv source and attract a diverse group of candidates?

WeSolv boasts the largest network of over 30K+ MBAs. We actively partner with universities, student organizations, and affinity groups. Our unique network effects, where our model and platform supports candidates in forming teams and inviting fellow particpants from their cohorts and clubs, taps into often overlooked talent pools. Combined with our platform’s design that appeals to a vast array of backgrounds, we ensure a deeply rich and inclusive range of participants.

How are WeSolv Case Challenges different from other case competitions?

WeSolv provides more actionable insights than your typical case competitions. Our Challenges are crafted in collaboration with companies to address their genuine business needs. This offers participants an authentic experience while working on these tasks. Moreover, we emphasize diverse participation, bringing varied perspectives to solutions. Using a research-based methodology, we aggregate candidates’ performance data across challenges, giving companies a holistic view of a candidate’s potential, ensuring they identify the best matches for their roles.

How does WeSolv support smaller businesses or startups?

WeSolv understands the unique needs of smaller businesses and startups. We offer tailored solutions, including scaled pricing and customized Challenges, to ensure even emerging businesses can access top-tier talent without straining their resources.

Is there a fee for candidates to sign-up?

No, WeSolv is free for candidates to join. It’s our belief that candidates should have ample opportunities to gain real-world experience and showcase their skills without financial barriers. While companies may set specific criteria for those eligible to participate in their Challenges, WeSolv ensures a broad spectrum of talent. Thanks to our partnerships with over 60 MBA & graduate programs, we boast a rich talent pool. Moreover, we’re proud of our diverse user base, with over 54% female and 70% underrepresented minority participants. This platform serves as an invaluable avenue for candidates eager to apply their academic learning in genuine business contexts and for companies seeking fresh, diverse perspectives.

WeSolv Challenges

What types of Case Challenges are hosted on WeSolv?

WeSolv collaborates closely with companies to craft tailored Case Challenges that align with both general graduate skill sets and your specific business objectives. Through these challenges, businesses gain valuable insights into real projects spanning various domains including sales, marketing, consulting/strategy, technology, supply chain, finance, and HR. Not only do these challenges offer solutions to businesses, but they also provide a dynamic, hands-on experience for participants.

Who defines the Challenge evaluation criteria?

WeSolv collaboratively engages with key company stakeholders, grounding our approach in research and science. We ensure that the evaluation criteria are not only rigorous and objective but also tailored to align with the project’s intricacies and the company’s unique goals for the relevant roles within the organization. This methodical approach ensures results that resonate with both your company’s needs and the broader industry standards.

Can we customize our Challenge or do we use a standard format?

Absolutely! While WeSolv provides a robust standard format for Challenges, we offer flexibility for companies to customize their Challenge to best align with their specific needs and objectives.

What support will we receive during the Challenge process?

From the outset, WeSolv assigns a dedicated account manager to guide companies through the entire Challenge process. This can include assistance in Challenge design, execution, monitoring, and post-Challenge analysis. We’re committed to ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

What metrics will I have access to during and after a Challenge?

Throughout the duration of a Challenge, companies can monitor real-time analytics including participant demographics, performance metrics, engagement rates, feedback, as well as their expressed interest in specific roles and locations. Once the Challenge concludes, a thorough report encompassing outcomes, deeper participant insights, and recommendations will be provided to optimize future engagements.

How are Challenge deliverables evaluated?

All participant submissions are first evaluated by WeSolv using a predetermined digital scorecard to ensure consistency and objectivity. In cases of high submission volume, WeSolv’s Subject Matter Expert judges identify the top presentations using this scorecard. Optionally, company-appointed judges can further review and score these top submissions according to the same digital scorecard, offering additional insights from the company’s perspective. This dual-layer approach ensures a thorough and balanced evaluation process.

Operational Questions

What is the required time commitment for each Challenge?

The duration of each Challenge can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs and objectives. Quickfire Challenge projects are designed for rapid results and typically span 1 to 7 days. On the other hand, Case Challenges, which delve deeper and allow for a more comprehensive engagement with potential candidates, are on average around 2 weeks, but can vary from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the scope and requirements. The setup and launch for any project can be accomplished within 1 to 3 weeks.

What do companies receive after the Challenge is complete?

Upon completion of a Challenge, companies are provided with comprehensive performance reports encompassing participant details, both team and individual project performance metrics, and demographic insights. Additionally, companies retain full ownership of all deliverables submitted by participants. Beyond these tangible outputs, partnering with WeSolv also amplifies employer branding, fostering a favorable perception among potential candidates. Moreover, companies benefit from an expanded pipeline of diverse and qualified candidates for future hiring needs.

How does privacy and confidentiality work?

Only candidates who choose to participate in a specific Challenge receive access to the Full Case or Quickfire Challenge Briefing. All participants are bound by the strict confidentiality requirements of WeSolv’s terms of use policy. Participants can also sign additional NDAs. In cases of extra sensitive proprietary data, WeSolv can work with you to redact or provide dummy data to participants.