Why WeSolv

How are WeSolv Case Challenges different from other Case Competitions?

WeSolv provides more actionable insights than your typical Case Competition. We work with companies to develop unique Challenges based upon their real business needs. We aggregate students’ performance data from all of our Challenges to provide companies deeper insights into each candidate’s potential.

Is there a fee for students to signup?

WeSolv allows incoming and current MBA students and recent graduates from accredited universities to sign up on the platform. Companies set specific criteria for the students eligible to participate in their respective Challenges. WeSolv has leveraged partnerships with students and organizations over 60 MBA programs, in order to provide a deep pool of talent to select from. WeSolv is proud of our diverse pipeline with over 54% female and 70% underrepresented minority users.

WeSolv Challenges

What types of Case Challenges are hosted on WeSolv?

Any business project or challenge that is usually solved by an MBA skillset is welcome. WeSolv works with companies to build customized Challenges that fit your unique business and objectives. Some example challenge areas are sales, marketing, consulting/strategy, technology, supply chain, finance, and HR.

Who defines the Challenge evaluation criteria?

WeSolv works with key company stakeholders to determine the evaluation criteria most important to the project and the relevant roles in the organization.

How are student deliverables evaluated?

Company appointed judges review and score submissions according to a company and WeSolv predetermined digital scorecard. In cases of high volume, WeSolv Subject Matter Expert judges narrow submissions to the desired number of top presentations using the same predetermined digital scorecard.

Operational Questions

How does privacy and confidentiality work?

Only students who choose to participate in a specific Challenge receive access to the Full Case or Quickfire Challenge Briefing. All participants are bound by the strict confidentiality requirements of WeSolv’s terms of use policy. Participants can also sign additional NDAs. In cases of extra sensitive proprietary data, WeSolv can work with you to redact or provide dummy data to participants.

What is the required time commitment for each Challenge?

The Challenge timeline can be customized based on your business requirements and objectives. Quickfire Challenge projects, which offer fast turnarounds and quick access to WeSolv talent pools, are 1 to 7 days long. Case Challenges can range between 3 to 6 weeks long and offer a more in-depth scope/output and greater opportunities to better engage potential candidates. Project setup and launch can be completed in 1 to 3 weeks.

What do companies receive after the Challenge is complete?

Companies receive in-depth performance reports that include participants’ information, team and individual project performance data, and demographic information. Companies also receive and own all student deliverables.