Joining WeSolv

Who is eligible to join the WeSolv platform?

The WeSolv platform is open to all current or recently graduated MBA and graduate students within the Business School. Challenges on the platform are offered to MBA students who fit each Challenge’s respective criteria. However, some challenges are also available for recent grads and Masters students within the business school. See each Challenge Page details for unique criteria and requirements.

Is there a fee for students to signup?

No. WeSolv’s mission is to provide access to meaningful careers for ALL students, so the platform is free.

How do I create my account?

When you sign up on WeSolv, you will need to validate your account with the link sent to your email. From there you will be directed to the welcome page. Users who sign up with Linkedin will automatically be directed to the welcome page. Once you submit the additional profile information requested your account is automatically created and ready for you to join a Challenge!

Participating in Challenges

What types of Case Challenges are hosted on WeSolv?

WeSolv hosts unique Challenges that are customized by the Companies that host them. Past Challenges have included product marketing and competitor analysis, new product launch, mobile app go-to-market strategy, and company valuation and analysis projects for well-known enterprise and startup/growth stage companies. 

How do WeSolv Case Challenges differ from other Case Competitions?

WeSolv differs from your normal case competition in several ways. First, participants can select from a broader range of Challenges pertaining to companies and areas of interest. You can create a team with fellow classmates, or team up with other MBAs nationwide. Most importantly, you can track your performance across multiple competitions and measure your progress across a wider range of skills.

Do I need a team to participate in a Challenge?

Most Case Challenges are designed to be completed with a team. However, some Case and Quickfire Challenges may provide opportunities to compete individually. Each Challenge Page specifies the required team size.

What do I do if I do not have a team but want to participate in a Challenge?

Apply to join a Case Challenge and then select “Looking for a team” on the Case Challenge page or your profile page to indicate to other WeSolvers that you are looking for teammates. You can sort WeSolvers by “Looking for a Team” to find other students looking for a team and send messages to build a team before the sign up deadline. You can also solicit other qualified teammates offline, but be sure that all team members sign up on the platform and your team completes all application requirements.

What is a typical Challenge timeline?

Each timeline depends on the type of Challenge. Typically, a Quickfire Challenge is 1 to 7 days long and a Case Challenge is 3 to 6 weeks long. All Challenges should be considered extracurricular activities and shouldn’t interfere with typical school work and other academic commitments.

What do I receive when the Challenge ends?

At the end of each Challenge you’ll have stronger skills and experience to add to your resume, access to company executives, interview opportunities, and the chance to win prize money and awards.

Updating Your WeSolv Account

How do I reset my password?

If signed out: Click the “Log-In” link in the upper right hand corner and select “Forgot your Password?” After you input your email, a link to reset your password will be emailed to to you. If signed in: Click your name in the top right corner and select “Account.” Add and confirm your new password in the pop-up window and press “Save”.

How do I update my WeSolv Profile?

Log In to your account from the WeSolv homepage and select the pencil icon to update any section of your WeSolv profile. You can also update your previously submitted information attributed to your profile by selecting your name in the top right corner and clicking “User Info”.