Access more quality candidates and diverse perspectives

Looking for better hires and diversity results?

Capture More Qualified Candidates

WeSolvers are diverse candidates from Diversity Orgs, University Partners, and Career Clubs, in one place

Better Utilize Hiring Manager’s Time

Case Challenges identify qualified candidates who are better prepared for the role

Maximize Recruiting & Diversity Budget

Quickly source qualified and diverse talent who are interested in you

How does WeSolv work for you?

You browse our library of challenge templates and choose the one that
best aligns with your needs

WeSolv shares your challenge to our network of top MBAs candidates

Candidates execute your challenge
and offer innovative solutions

WeSolv identifies the top performers
for you to engage with for hiring


Largest diverse
MBA network


MBA and Specialty
masters programs



Improve your candidate targeting for your roles

Source more qualified candidates faster

Increased diversity for your organization

Higher conversion rates on top candidates

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Top Companies have seen real results

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